Me My Curls And I Curlscription

Review the curly care instructions below. Download a copy, laminate, & thread a string through a hole in the top to keep it in the shower for your curly hair routine! Download this step-by-step Curlscription | Download Second Day Hair tips
  1. SCALP: Massage Cleanser onto Scalp with pads of fingers- Scrub on/Scrub off. *Can also use as a face wash
  2. HAIR: (ON WARM WET DRIPPING HAIR IN SHOWER) Ends- Squish up (SQUISH TO CONDISH) Noodle detangle with FINGERS in small sections. Add warm water as needed to help add maximum hydration and softness. *Water is a primary part of hydration. You can also Co-Wash with Conditioner and in between regular cleansing… Rinse all out/ Leave In a little/ Leave In a lot
  3. FILLER/MOISTURIZER: (Filling the hair with moisture = no frizz) Noodle/Rake/Smooth/Glaze/Milk/Prayer method/Scrunch
  4. SEALER/GEL: (Seal in the moisture) Flip head over & Pat pat pat back of head & Glaze over back and front like you are doing a protective shield/pony tail… Shake/Glaze/Scrunch/Squish/Prayer/Squeeze & Hold
  5. EXTRA FINISH: Tilt Back into shower & add more water (small amount), then tilt back over and add more…
  6. SQUEEZE AND HOLD: With“Me My Curls And I” towel, shake and flip back
  7. Clip-Dry-Fluff…SHAKE OUT THE CURL

Second and Third Day Hair

Magic spray

Spray bottle with 3 inches of water 2-3 squirts of conditioner and 1 squirt of water or INNERSENSE Sweet Spirit Conditioner

Re-activate Products in hair from day 1

  1. Wet Hair with magic spray to dampen, nightly
  2. Gather hair in a loose pineapple
  3. Sleep on a silk or satin pillow case
  4. Tweak in the morning with magic spray as needed
  5. But: Wetter is Better Wet fully, condition, Fill & Seal Daily
HOOD DRYER – Blue & White “Ion” Dryer from Sally’s. Helps with halo/frizz by setting hair quicker. DEVA FUSER – Looks like a hand, blows air out of both sides. Great for adding volume to curls and to lessen drying time.