I found myself going through a difficult point in my life after my divorce, and left to care for two very young children. At a young age, I was facing the road ahead with little more than a high school education. We moved in with my mother for support and guidance. We talked about my future as she asked me questions like “What do you want to be?” and “Where do you want to direct your life?” I, earnestly, answered “Mom, I want to be an artist.” “I want to be a sculptor.” Not wanting to squash my dreams she made me understand that I needed to meld my desire with a hard reality. Then she came up with a brilliant idea and said “Susita, why don’t we look into you being a hairdresser? You will be able to paint and be a sculptor at the same time.” And so began my career. I enrolled at California Hair Design Academy the very next day and here I am 28 years later. Creating, sculpting and painting ever since, continuously seeking out the ever-changing hair industry techniques in the process. Now, I am an artist with an emphasis on being a Curl Master. Read or add your own reviews for me at  NaturallyCurly.Com & Yelp. Thank you!
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